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Construction · Stockholm, Sweden
The vision of VVS-Forum is to contribute to keep companies and its employees in the HVAC industry well informed about business environment and circumstances important for the companies concerning politics, training, labour market, business and technology.
To appear in VVS-Forum means that you will reach all important HVAC-installers in a time characterized by new construction, renovation and energy efficiency.
More than 700,000 new homes are to be built to 2025, new recommendations for zero-energy buildings are being produced in building regulations and it has never been a stronger focus on the environment in our buildings and work-places. All the time the value of the installations in our buildings is increasing.
You will also reach the competitors, property owners, clients/contractors, consultants, local government people, as well as politicians and other installers. In total it concerns about 30,000 readers of our magazine, nearly 20,000 subscribers to our newsletter and approximately 55,000 visitors to our web and thousands of readers in the social media such as Facebook and Twitter.
There are many reasons to advertise in VVS-Forum, not least because each number has:
• News, latest news from industry, politics and government.
• Technical pages with the latest products on the market.
• Business pages with news about orders, business cycles, acquisitions and bankruptcies.
VVS-Forum is distributed all over our country – so take the chance to appear in right Forum!